Akamai 的错误代码 reference code 如何查询含义?

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Combined Information will be below: 1.xx - ERR_READ_TIMEOUT (Generally the HTTP request/response timed out when Akamai tried fetching content from origin. Default read timeout is 120s) 3.xx - ERR_READ_ERROR (Generally the TCP connection from Akamai to origin was successful but the origin did not send any (valid) HTTP response headers back) 4.xx - ERR_WRITE_ERROR (Usually happens when connection is closed by origin before Akamai could send the complete request) 6.xx - ERR_CONNECT_FAIL (When Akamai is trying to connect to origin, the origin or a firewall is actively refusing the connection - e.g. it sent a TCP RST packet) 7.xx - ERR_INVALID_REQ - Invalid Request This usually indicates that the URL requested was malformed, or not RFC-compliant, or that at least one request headers had invalid information. 9.xx - ERR_INVALID_URL (The Akamai Edge server does not have a configuration file associated for the host/URL visited) 11.xx - ERR_DNS_FAIL (This happens if origin is specified as an FQDN and the Edgeserver cannot resolve the origin hostname to IP. e.g. due to a DNS resolver issue) 13.xx - ERR_FORWARDING_DENIED - Forwarding Denied This "error" is typically associated with SureRoute testing and can be ignored. If it isn't, please contact AkaTec for assistance. 15.xx - ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT (Origin server responded with a 0 size object for a request from Akamai) 18.xx - ERR_ACCESS_DENIED (Request denied due to WAP/WAF/Botman rule or configuration (auth) setting) 24.xx - ERR_REFERER_DENIED (The referrer was denied) 27.xx - ERR_CLIENT_ABORT (The client closed the connection to Akamai edge server before the complete object could be transferred to the client - this happens when a client/user navigates away from the page during browser loading) 30.xx - ERR_FWD_SSL_HANDSHAKE (SSL certificate verification failed when connecting to the origin) 97.xx - ERR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT (Generic error where Akamai is not able to connect to origin server at a network level, TCP/IP layer) 101.xx 118.xx 119.xx - ERR_NO_FWD_HOSTS|fwdStartFail - No Forward Hosts This error is typically seen with HEAD/PUT or other request types other than GET and POST. When SiteShield or Tiered Distribution are enabled, the "Allow All Methods on Parent Servers" must be enabled for these requests to be forwarded. If the error is seen for GET or POST, please open a ticket with AkaTec. 121.xx 148.xx 174.xx - ERR_METADATA_APPLY_FAILURE 199.xx - ERR_AUTH_BROWSER_TOKEN_FAILED

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